Responsibility, Innovation, Quality


  1. Identity and identification. Every single employee feels responsible for the result of their work.
  2. Premium partner of industry. We know and understand the fluid management of our customers. Numerous customers from the most diverse sectors worldwide count on Rhenus Lub as a reliable specialist with detailed know-how in coolants and industrial greases. Product approvals, permits and certifications from renowned manufacturers documents this.
  3. Rhenus Lub is a family company. This means reliability, trust and solidity.Complete concentration on the requirements of our customers and not investors. A long-term strategy instead of short-term tactics.
  4. People at the centre. Rhenus Lub is leading in the manufacture of lubricants, which are highly skin-compatible, not subject to labelling and free of amine and boric acid. By using these products, our customers demonstrate special responsibility for the health of their employees, which goes far beyond the legal requirements.
  5. Environment. Rhenus Lub lubricating greases contain no heavy metals. The DIN ISO 14001 certification underlines this sustainable commitment and responsible interaction with our environment.
  6. Corporate responsibility. As a member of the UN Initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility "Global Compact", Rhenus Lub is actively committed to human rights, working standards and environmental protection.
  7. Flexibility and speed. Rhenus Lub is a typical medium-sized company. In contrast to complex enterprises, this ensures the necessary flexibility and shortest response times. Lab results are available within 24 hours, for example
  8. Innovation means new and further development. We develop individual solutions together with our customers. Be it for-life lubricating greases, coolants or special lubricants for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry – our customers' wishes and the specific requirements of the respective industry/ sector/ application are decisive. Innovation also means customisation!
  9. Investing in the future. 25% of our employees work in Research & Development. The figure clearly underscores the claim as a leading innovator and specialist in the overall process.
  10. Environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. Rhenus Lub was the first company that used environmentally friendly additives and that later brought amine and boric acid-free coolant on the market.
  11. Close cooperation with renowned research institutes and universities. New formulae, such as those for long-term stability or resistance to bacteria and fungi.
  12. Rhenus Lub only uses first-class raw materials. A 100% inspection of incoming raw materials and the quality agreements with our suppliers support this claim.
  13. Rhenus Lub ensures a consistent standard of quality of its products. worldwide. For our customers, the added value at a production site means corresponding safety through proven products and experience, and constantly improving quality.
  14. "Made in Germany" means R&D and production according to German quality standards. With the central location of all company divisions in Monchengladbach (Germany), we ensure short distances and safe internal processes.
  15. Latest production standards. Rhenus Lub produces in one of the most modern production factories for industrial lubricating greases in Europe. The high demands on the product are thus also reflected in the equipment and manufacturing technology.
  16. Highest process quality – by rhenus lubrineering, the unique combination of excellent products (Lubricants) and highly specialised process knowledge (Engineering). With this concept, the costs throughout the entire fluid process, and thus the price per unit costs, are permanently reduced – with measurable savings of up to 30 %.


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